About our cat sitting service:

Cat owners know that joke about dogs having masters and cats having staff. As independent as cats may seem, they actually need quite a bit of attention, especially when you're out of town. All cats need proper meals, health care, stimulation (play), a clean litter box (at least once daily), grooming and of course, affection.

Having a professional pet care provider attend to your cat's needs, in your home, can be one of the best decisions you make for your cat's health, well being and happiness. smiley Why would you put your kitty through the horrible stress of placing her in a boarding facility, where nothing is familiar?

We will take care of everything! Litter boxes are cleaned every visit. Play sessions are also provided, on top of love and affection. From feedings to grooming, medication to vet visits; we care for your cat's needs right down to your last specification.  

How much is our cat sitting service?


1 daily visit (minimum of 45 minutes)


2 daily visits (minimum of 45 minutes per visit)




What our clients are saying about our cat sitting service:

"I have 6 cats! If it weren't for Liz helping me manage all of their needs while I'm at work or out of town, I don't know what I would do! Her experience was so vital for me to get all my cats the proper attention and behaviour fixes they required. I recommend Elizabeth to any one looking for pet care."
Laura, Cat Owner

"I had to go out of town for two weeks and I was very concerned about leaving my cats for the first time. When I returned my cats acted like I never left! I was so thrilled with Elizabeth as a person and a professional; I will always use her services when I need someone to look after my fur-kids."
Vanessa, Cat Owner

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We can't wait to assist you with your cat's needs and care when you're out of town. Contact us today!

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