About our dog walking service:

Life gets really busy when we're on the go with work, the kids, family and friends. Unfortunately we can't always include our dogs in every activity and leaving them home alone all day is not any pooch's idea of leading an enriched life. When you know your best friend has been walked, exercised and cared for by a professional in the pet care field, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your buddy is happy, relaxed, and having his or her needs fulfilled.

Fuzzball and Fetch™ offers both reliable and affordable private dog walking! That's right, completely private dog walking! We wouldn't dream of packing your dog into a car and driving to five other people's homes to pick up a bunch of other dogs and then just let them run around a park with a whole bunch of other dogs!

Our service starts with us coming to your home, taking your dog on a safe and energetic walk around your neighbourhood; and we mix in some great play time and positive training to help him/her walk and play safely. Private walks are ideal for puppies that aren't fully vaccinated, intact dogs (not spayed/neutered), and dogs that show aggression towards people or other dogs.

How much is our dog walking service?


45 minute private walk


$20 (1 dog)

$30 (2 dogs)

$35 (3 dogs)

Additional pet care
(e.g. medication, feeding)

$3 /day  

What our clients are saying about our dog walking:

"We couldn't be more thrilled with Liz and the service she has provided our dog, Layla, from when she was just 5 months old, and into adulthood. She has been very reliable and has gone above and beyond the call of duty! The extra training she provided made our evening walks so much more enjoyable."
Sarah, Dog Owner

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We can't wait to assist you with your dog's need to get a great walk, play and care when you're life doesn't afford you the time. Contact us today!

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